Who we are

 Endon with Stanley Parish Council –  Your local Councilors 2015/16


John Sambrook          The Old Appleyard, Brook Lane, Endon   Stoke on Trent. ST9 9EZ

(Chairman)                                           01782 502622

Endon Ward

Suzanne Sillitoe         Old Sarum, 26 Spinney Close, Endon   Stoke on Trent. ST9 9BP

(Vice Chairperson)                              01782 503969

Endon Ward

Val Harris                 4 Mayfair Grove, Endon, Stoke on Trent. ST9 9HP

Endon Ward                                          01782 503484

Henry Jebb                 Endon Bank, Church Lane, Endon Stoke on Trent

Endon Ward                                          01782 503615

Christina Jebb           Endon Bank, Church Lane, Endon  Stoke on Trent. ST9 9HF

Stanley & Stockton Brook Ward         01782 503615 or christina.jebb@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Eric Durose             119 Leek Road, Stockton Brook  Stoke on Trent.

Stanley & Stockton Brook Ward          01782 502768

Joan Harrison           15 Basnetts Wood Road, Endon  Stoke on Trent. ST9 9DQ

Endon Ward                                          01782 853743

Selena Carey                294, Leek Road, Endon, Stoke o n Trent, ST9 9BB

Endon Ward                                          01782 505517

Howard Clulow             14, Greenmeadow Grove, Endon, Stoke o n Trent, ST9 9EU

Endon Ward                                         01782 250622

Joe Porter                     20, Kenley Avenue, Endon, Stoke on Trent. ST9 9HS

Endon Ward                                         01782 851667

John Sillitoe               Old Sarum, 26 Spinney Close, Endon   Stoke on Trent.ST9 9BP

Endon Ward                                          01782 503969



Christina Jebb           Endon Bank, Church Lane, Endon   Stoke on Trent. ST9 9HF

(District- Brown  Edge & Endon Ward)       01782 503615 or christina.jebb@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Linda Lea                    C/O Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, ST13 6HQ

(District-Brown  Edge & Endon Ward)       01782 502708 or linda.lea@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Geoff Bond                  1 Springbank Avenue, Endon, Stoke on Trent, ST9 9EL

(District-Brown  Edge & Endon Ward )        01782 503317 or geoff.bond@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Edge & Endon Ward)

Sybil Ralphs(MBE)         Tuscany House, Stanley Road, Stockton Brook, ST9 9LJ

(District- Bagnall  & Stanley Ward)              01782 504364 or sybil.ralphs@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

& Stanley Ward)

Kevin Jackson                110 Church Close, Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, ST8 6NA

(County-Biddulph South & Endon Div.)        01782 515295 or kevin.jackson@staffordshire.gov.uk

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