Our Great War Heritage 1914 – 2014

Stockton Brook Plaque

When St Edward’s Hospital, Cheddleton was demolished, a brass plaque that had hung above a bed there was given to the Nursing History Museum. As it mentioned Stockton Brook, the trustees approached Christina Jebb in 2007 and asked her to find a suitable home for the plaque.
Its inscription begins: “This Cot was Endowed by the Residents of Stockton Brook, the result of Hospital Efforts for the year 1920, As a Memorial to the Men of the District who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1918” and although it lists several names which also appear on the memorial in St Luke’s churchyard, not all of the names on this plaque are there.
A group of parish councillors worked with Kevin O’Neill to research the names of those recorded and to find a new home for the plaque. It formed part of displays which Kevin used as part of his work with Endon St Luke’s pupils, before being installed beneath the Watrin Memorial in the Village Hall.
Among the ideas suggested for making the plaque itself and the ongoing research information more accessible for visitors, students and family historians were a heritage trail, an interpretation board, a book summarising the research and dedicated pages on the parish council website.

War Memorial Project
A group of parish councillors formed the War Memorial project group in 2013, dedicated to enhancing the setting of the war memorial in an appropriate, tasteful and respectful style, coinciding with the Centenary commemorations of WWI in 2014.

The scheme to improve the area around the war memorial in the churchyard was endorsed by Endon with Stanley parish council and St Luke’s Church. Planting choices were inspired by Gertrude Jekyll and funding was obtained from several sources to carry out this work. Endon with Stanley parish council agreed to handle the funds raised on behalf of the group and to commission contractors.

The project group undertook research on the names recorded on the plaques, as well as those omitted and presented an overview of Endon’s Great War Heritage on an interpretation board to be placed at the approach to St Luke’s Church. They are recording the results of their ongoing research in greater detail on this website and more information will be added as the project progresses. Work around the memorial will be completed in time for the Well Dressing in 2014, accompanied by a banner showing the proposed artwork for the interpretation board. The board will be installed soon after the Festival

Councillors John Sambrook, Suzanne Sillitoe, Henry and Christina Jebb and Kevin Jackson

Renovated Village War Memorial.     Councillors John Sambrook, Suzanne Sillitoe, Henry and Christina Jebb and Kevin Jackson

Cenotaph Non 2014





Cenotaph Nov 14 1

Remembrance Sunday 2014


We gratefully acknowledge the support we have received from:
• our funders – Moorlands Partnership Board; Staffs County Council Local Community Fund (Cllr Kevin Jackson); Staffs Moorlands District Council Councillors Community Initiative Funds (Cllr Henry Jebb; Cllr Christina Jebb); Endon with Stanley parish council
• War Memorial Project – Suzanne Sillitoe, John Sambrook, Christina Jebb
• Wes Webster Photography
• Leek Signs & Graphics
• Kevin O’Neill
• Geoff Perkin
• Endonian Society – Alan Williamson, Ken Smith
• St Luke’s Church
• Pointons Plant Centre
• Barry Proctor from Jacksons Nurseries
• Robert Foster of Ironbridge
• SMDC grounds maintenance
• SCC neighbourhood highways team
• Brian Hibbert
• and all those who have shared their time and their memories with us